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Whilst working towards exams are a great way to motivate students and offer the chance for an independent assessment of  progress, the taking of exams is entirely optional. At the end of the day, the most important consideration is that you continue to enjoy your learning experience in a non-pressurised environment.  


However, for those that do decide to work towards their piano examinations, students will normally, although not exclusively, be entered for exams with The Associated Board of The Royal School of Music, which offers a progressive exam structure starting with a Preparatory Exam through Grades 1 to 8 and beyond. Below is a link to the Associated Board of The Royal School of Music which I hope you’ll find useful. Here, you will find further information on the exams available, together with exam dates and fees.


Exams – ABRSM

Please note, however, that students wishing to proceed beyond grade 5 practical need to have attained grade 5 theory, although it is pleasing to know that for those students that do proceed this far, they will have their efforts rewarded by benefiting from official recognition for their qualifications from UCAS(Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). This means that a merit pass at grade 6 can be worth 10 UCAS Tariff points (practical) and 5  UCAS Tariff points (theory), which will help towards entry into University or College.

For further information please visit the UCAS website

Call now for further information on 01474 567087 or 07970 166607 or complete the form on the Contact page. 

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