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  Teaching Methods   

Reflecting on our own past teaching experiences can sometimes teach us a lot more about teaching or how NOT to teach, than any formal course or qualification, In the past (We hope!) the main emphasis, particularly for the tuition of children, seemed to be dictated by one examination syllabus after another, and often the joy of expanding the students’ repertoire and of learning music got overlooked. We believe that there is a lot more to learning music than simply reading those dots on the page!

A number of different teaching methods are used depending on the age, abilities and personal preferences of the student but the most important objective for us is that we are flexible enough to adapt to your individual needs. On the first lesson we will find out what you really want to be able to do and what music you would love to play. For some, this will include exams, something that we have covered in more detail on other parts of this site, but for others this will simply mean being able to play the music of their favourite artist.

Very young children learn best through play, so we use a variety of methods from clapping games, singing and even the odd appearance from Chloe the Cow!


Even on the very first lesson, you will go away having learnt at least one simple tune. Our approach is very relaxed and, whatever your age and ability, we will go entirely at your pace. The only thing that we ask is that you remain dedicated to learning, whilst our commitment to you is that you leave smiling!

Call now for further information on 01474 567087 or 07970 166607 or complete the form on the Contact page. 

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