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  Fees & Terms 

Fees are payable termly in advance. All lessons are charged pro rata of the hourly rate.


The fees stated below are valid as at Sept 2023 but are subject to an annual review. Six weeks written notice will be given of any increases.

Lesson Duration                Rate

20mins                                 £11.50

30mins                                 £17.00

1hr                                        £34.00

Books and Materials

 As part of our services we purchase all the necessary music books, although the cost will be passed on at the retail price.



 The contract used by DH Piano & Keyboard Tuition is a standard contract recommended by EPTA (European Piano Teachers Association), the conditions of which are listed below. However, we appreciate that everyone leads busy lives and sometimes rescheduling of lessons at short notice is unavoidable. We will always try to remain flexible to your needs. If you have any specific concerns regarding the terms of this contract please feel free to contact us.



 1. This contract will remain in force from term to term until specifically terminated by either party giving at least six weeks’ notice. 

2. Fees must be paid for the whole block of 3/6 before the start of the first lesson in each block.

3. Periods of interruption to lessons, such as school, or other holidays, should be agreed at the start of each term. Any change in the agreed dates should be the subject of four weeks’ notice, except in the case of ill-health or other emergency.

 4. No fees will be refunded except where the teacher has to cancel a lesson, which cannot be rescheduled.

 5. Very exceptionally, the teacher may wish to reschedule a lesson cancelled by a pupil, where notice of such cancellation as been given in advance.

 6. No performances, whether public, in competitions, festivals or examinations, shall be given without the consent of the teacher, and the teacher will not submit the name of any pupil for any such performance without prior consent.

Call now for further information on 01474 567087 or 07970 166607 or complete the form on the Contact page. 

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